The Dreamcatcher


Dream – a series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.  It is the mind’s way of making sense of the various types of input with which it has had to cope. The function of dreams is to balance the psychological and physiological activity within us.

The brain generates weak electrical impulses known as brainwaves. THETA brain waves are connected with creativity and inspiration. They may be the interface between the physical and spiritual realms.

Three facets of an individual’s personality show themselves separately in dreams, and the part that observes is called the ego. 

The most difficult side of the individual has been called the shadow, which is the personification of one’s worst faults and weaknesses. The Anima/Animus is that part of the opposite sex to the dreamer. In a man, the anima is all that is instinctive, feminine and sensitive.  In a woman, the animus is her masculine attributes of logic and objectivity. The true self holds the highest possible creative potential that is attainable within the individual.

Personal growth takes place as we learn to integrate and understand each of these facets of our character, hence the DREAMCATCHER.

Here, a fabric mixture of silk and cotton has been squirted with yellow fabric paint, scrunched up and left to dry naturally for a week. Then I drew a head, with brain waves emanating. All this was couched and embroidered, by hand and machine, and the words and sentences associated with my dreams machine written in thread matching the fabric background. I have used the colours yellow, for inspiration, green, for creativity, and blue for healing. The images of occurring dreams, such as groups of houses, a singular house, innocent friendship, being chased animals, birds, love is in the air with the stars and hearts, are hand appliquéd. Finally, these dreams are captured by the dreamcatcher, a couched web, for personal analysis later.