Stitching Peace

Peace, for me, is always the dawning of a new day, in this instance, symbolised by a pink 'shot' sky. Here, I have painted my background, and then applied the letters  P E A C E in goldwork of different types. The word is being borne aloft on the air towards the Heavens, as a supplication to my Maker. 

At the front of the work, taking the colours from the sky in flags of chiffon to symbolise lightness, and also to symbolise the opaqueness of the word itself, I have printed and machine-stitched sayings by politicians, poets, writers and musicians regarding this nebulous word.

I got the idea from the Tibetan Buddist Prayer Wheel, founded on the Budda’s instructions to his followers that they should preach Buddism incessantly. In my case, I feel that peace should be preached incessantly.

The word Peace on the painted background is almost obliterated by all the verbosity on the front.