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'Arpilleras: Voices On Tapestries' now in Berlin!

'Arpilleras Aus Chile' - Eine Retrospektive 

6th May to 28th May 2010, Chilean Embassy, Mohrenstraße 42, 10117, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition Poster 

I know this may be a little late in the day to be making an announcement but the exhibition 'Arpilleras: Voices On Tapestries' will be on display at the Chilean Embassy in Berlin until May 28th 2010. This includes my new work 'The Journal Quilts' (you can see them on the plinth in the middle of the exhibit!). So if you find yourself in Berlin this week with a few hours on your hands then please do drop by the embassy for a visit, it will be time well spent!

Just to entice you that little bit further, a full introduction written by the series' curator Roberta Bacic is available for download here or the Berlin catalogue here

 Work in situ at Berlin Embassy



Opening night Berlin

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